MaxiPro (Asia) Limited, a trend-setter, aspires to introduce a new attitude of pet nurturing in Asian countries and around the world by supplying only premium pet products including food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and medical accessories. In realizing this end we hold a distinct and responsive corporate vision; sourcing diverse products possibly all over the world; breaking the conventional rules and setting new paradigm in each respective area. We believe that eventually we will be rewarded by having a phenomenal number of healthy and happy pets.

Established in Hong Kong in March 2007, MaxiPro is dedicated to providing premium quality products through professional channels such as veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and pet shops to pet owners in Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.

The founder of the company has extensive knowledge and experience in the companion animal industry for more than 20 years, traveling around Asia providing business advice for the Swiss biggest animal health company’s sales & marketing teams since 1995. She has also developed very good business relationships with trade partners and local professionals in many markets.


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